Ilford XP2 Super 400 35mm: The Monochrome Specialist


Do you remember spy movies where the agents have a lot of gadgets perfect for every hard situation? Well, the Ilford XP2 Super is like that, a perfect match for perfect monochromatic images.

When I first encountered this film, I was in an analog photo shop selling a lot of films and cameras, and they had a bulk roll of Ilford XP2 Super expired for 2 months and they were selling it for really a low price, so I had to grab it, of course!

After some years I came across this box and decided I had to shoot some of it. This film is produced by Ilford and is one on the few chromogenic black and white films available, and its image quality is really impressive.
The good thing about chromogenic films is that they are easy to get developed from every lab, because they use C41 process and it’s a standard for color developing.
Wait, color developing a black&white film? Yes! This film, instead of using true silver to form the monochromatic image, uses the same color dyes of color films but the resulting image is black&white!

This film has a really good quality, as it has been chosen by many professional photographers. In the long run I have used it for a lot of situations and I can say the photos were always great, as much a true black and white film can perform.

Developing XP2 in black & white developers can give you amazing results with interesting color casts.

The most impressive result I got, were the ones you can see here when I developed this film in true black & white chemistry, giving the film the same good images but with interesting color toning to the emulsion.

One more good point is the speed of the film. Being a 400 ISO film is perfect for the most usual lighting situations as bad weather, indoor and action. I used it in my Spinner360 too!

This film is really a perfect choice when you want monochromatic images, but cant afford to develop black & white film, so take this C41 Monochrome film and go out shooting great images!

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