A Day in the 20th arrondissement of Paris


The 20th arrondissement district in Paris has a great deal of nice bars and restaurants, artist’s studios, villas, passages and cités and small gardens.

During the day, you can go to the different villas, studios and passages where you will find hidden gardens and a very quiet atmosphere. The passages of the 20th district are characterized by their “village atmosphere” and the small houses and flower gardens. The public garden located in the passage des soupirs, between the Rue des Pyrenees and la Rue de Chine, is an example of this village feel you can still find in the 20th district of Paris.

The neighborhood also offers plenty of restaurants and bars where you have lunch and/or dinner while in the area. The choice is very large as you can find Thai, Japanese, Corean or Vietnamese restaurants, French bistros and much more, as the area is known for its variety of restaurants.

At night you can enjoy yourself in one of the concert venues of the quartier, especially if you’re into alternative music. The night life is as diverse as it is the food choice in the area. The mirroiterie is a very nice place to watch concerts and also a fine demonstration of the street art present in this area of Paris.

Miroiterie… Mirror mirror… An old mirror factory, should we believe? This place is a squat since 1999 (as far as we know) and it brings together travelling artists from different countries. With beautiful and sunny artist’s studios and two exhibition rooms, you can see paintings and sculptures, as well as listen to alternative music during concerts held in this amazing space.

One of the things I did when I first visited the area was to get my Lomography Action Sampler and stroll around the neighborhood ready to discover news places and secrets. A cool neighborhood for a different weekend in Paris.

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