Working Indoors in an Outdoor Paradise: Lomographer at Michigan Tech

2013-05-14 1

I love living in an outdoor paradise, but I happen to work in the basement (okay, “garden level”) of a building at Michigan Tech. Make no mistake, Tech is an incredible place, and there’s nowhere I’d rather work, but with no windows, I frequently make my escape to take photos on campus!

How many of us have screens staring at us all day?

I work as a writer, and I’d like to think I’m a pretty good one. A year ago (almost to the day, actually), I got my doctorate from Tech, and aside from a bit of adjunct teaching, my other work was owning my own art and writing supply shop (if anyone needs any Rhodia, Clairefontaine, or Moleskine, please let me know. It’s taking over my living room) and working for a mountain bike and kayak outfitter in Copper Harbor. I was rather resigned to piecing together a living and dreaming of one day having health insurance.

Sorry for the mess…it’s usually cleaner than this!

But then I got a job as a writer in Tech’s administration. Seriously, my title is Creative Writer. Sweet, eh? I get to meet just about everyone on campus, learn about some incredible research, and try to tell our story. Sure, someday I’d like to move up in administration, as I think, with my experience, there’s a lot I can do to help our students, but for now, this is pretty dang cool.

My second desk, behind the primary one, and where I use my fountain pens instead of a computer most of the time. My tablet is open with a novel on it (I prefer hardcovers but I don’t like to carry them around and get them dinged up) during my lunch break.
Not the most soul in the hallway, but I almost got one of my co-workers there…

No two days are the same, which can be very cool, but on some days the more mundane projects kind of pile up and that’s when I have to go and take a walk. That’s encouraged rather than questioned, another reason why this is an amazing place to work. Everyone wants everyone else to be able to do their best, and however you get there, within reason, is fine.

It just feels administrative, no?

So I’ll include a small slideshow of some of the sights around my campus, where I get to be every day. It’s a short commute to get here from home, about 5 minutes by car, 15 by bike, and 40 on foot. In the middle is the Portage Canal, a rather beautiful waterway, and I’m thankful my drive is basically all old architecture, locally-owned businesses, and natural beauty instead of strip malls and cookie-cutter subdivisions.

If you’d ever like the full tour, come on by! A bit of searching for me and you’ll find me.

Thanks for reading.

Credits: kevinhodur

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  1. bsdunek
    bsdunek ·

    Tech has changed a bit since I graduated (class of 1960), but still a great place.

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