Mom and Me: Memories From My Childhood

2013-05-15 1

I really really love digging up old photos. I go through my family albums quite often. Old photos are a little reminder of the good times and awesome memories we all shared.

Meet my mom.

Isn’t this a gorgeous photo? It was taken in the seventies when she was just out of high school. I sometimes stare at it and just can’t understand this girl on the photo is actually my mother. And yes, everybody in our family has a lot of hair.

Me and my mom actually don’t have that many photos together from my childhood. That’s mainly because she wasn’t that much into posing for photos and I was actually quite a running and climbing child. I could entertain myself for hours and I usually climbed everything that was in my way.

This is me, climbing some random wall on a croatian seaside:

My mom is an awesome mom. What I most appreciate about her is that she let me have freedom as a child. She let me climb every wall. She didn’t like it and she always kept an eye on me. I could always see her watching me from the corner of her eye. But she never smothered me with her love, she let me be a free spirit. I learned from my mistakes, I fell so many times but I always picked myself up. I had so many bruises you wouldn’t believe, but that’s due to the fact my friends were mainly boys. But all of that was a lesson in life – you just have to pick yourself up. It wasn’t the only thing she taught me. After all she’s a teacher — she always has something to say. But she also also has a kind soul, she’s so full of empathy and kind words. She’s truly a great person.

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  1. rbruce63
    rbruce63 ·

    Absolutely romantic pictures! I hope you keep your mom around for many years!

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