Capture The Moment In May


This month, we are on a mission to come together and capture 3 very special moments all around the world. We are asking you to take an analogue photo at one or all of these times and to submit them to our ‘Capture the Moment’ competitions. We’ll then be collecting the entries with a view to make a video capturing these single moments in time across to globe. Honestly, we are very excited about this collaborative effort – Read on for full details!

Credits: vicuna

The instant is at the very heart of Lomogaphy and photography in general. After all, the act of photography is about freezing time; we click the shutter and hold the instant in our hand. When we get a photo developed it’s a reminder of that act of making time stand still. Capturing the guitarist on-stage as he prepares to leap into the crowd, the smile on your sister’s face as she walks down the aisle on her Wedding Day, your dog sleeping after a long walk – it’s the memory of these moments which makes the act of taking a photograph so special.

It’s with this idea as a starting point that we want to embark on a hugely exciting collaboration with you folks in the community this month. We have picked 3 specific moments during May that we want you to all come together and take an analogue snapshot at the same time. The moment doesn’t have to be exciting (not all of life is) – we want to capture the full spectrum of emotions, faces, experiences, climates and cultures in one instant. Maybe you’ll be sitting at your desk in the office, perhaps you’ll be on the school bus home – whatever you’re doing, join us at these times and help us create something beautiful!

We’ve created a small website optimized for your mobile device at If you are using an iOS device you can add it to your homescreen to open up quickly. Because once the timer hits zero you might be out there shooting and not sitting in front of a computer.

  1. Capture The Moment On 13th May 13:13:13 CET
  2. Capture The Moment On 15th May 15:15:15 CET
  3. Capture The Moment On 18th May 18:18:18 CET (competition not live yet)

Of course, we also have some amazing awards on offer for the best shots taken at the various times. So it is worth making these special moments that extra bit more exciting if you’d like to claim one of our prizes! Head to the competition pages to see what’s available.

written by tomas_bates on 2013-05-10 #news #capture-the-moment

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