Today is Mother's Day!


So, fellow lomographers, have you prepared something nice for mother dearest for today? In case you’ve forgotten, yes, today is that one day the world dedicates to making mothers feel extra special!

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We all know that May 12 is a special occasion in many parts of the world, a day devoted to honoring motherhood and celebrating mothers. Therefore, here in Lomography, the month of May is dedicated to showing our love and appreciation to one of the most important women in our lives: our ever patient, loving, and irreplaceable mothers.

The whole community of lomographers would like to get to know your amazing mom, so why don’t you tell us about her and share with us the photos you’ve taken of her, or your photos with her from many years ago? Submit an Analogue Lifestyle article for “Mom and Me” and “Photographing Mom” while there’s still time!

Meanwhile, we’d like to share with you some of the articles written by our fellow lomographers that are perfect for the occasion:

Mom and Me
Mum and Me: An Analogue Trip Into the Past
Celebrating my Mother on Mother's Day
A Chip Off The Old Block: A Tribute to My Mother
From the Hands of a Mother to a Daughter

Or, you can also check out this article to see more heartwarmng photos of mom taken by our fellow lomographers!

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms and all your moms!

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