Photographing Three Mothers

2013-05-11 1

Meet the three most important mothers in my life.

The month of May is dedicated to celebrate all mothers around the world. We celebrate all their hardships in bearing us and nurturing us to maturity. We celebrate their love and care. With this I would like share about three of the most important mothers in my life.

There is a stereotype about someone’s relationship with his or her mother-in-law. For the most part, it is characterized by disagreements and rough encounters. I cannot say this about mine. I am lucky that my mother-in-all has truly been a mother to me. She’s one of the first persons we call to, and seek advice from in instances as simple as asking for a recipe, to more critical ones, such as what to do when my child is sick. She is ever supportive of our relationship, even before her daughter and I got married. Her cooking is one of the best too. I always end up having to scoop more rice that the usual when we have lunch or dinner at their house.

My mother is very traditional and protective in her way of raising her children. I was born when she was 43 years old. That age gap may have, in a way, brought more misunderstanding as I was growing up. But I have been always thankful that I was raised in such a manner; otherwise, who knows what troubles would I have gone through. She is a very prayerful person, and have always instilled in me strong Christian values. When she was still able to talk straight, she never grew tired of reminding her three sons about doing what is good. It is unfortunate that 2 years ago, she suffered a stroke which impaired her ability to speak. Thankfully, she is still very much physically strong. It is remarkable that even in her condition, still manages to give her reminder is her own way. It is a bit funny and at the same time sad when she talks to my 1 1/5 year old son, as they both speak gibberish.

Lastly, my beautiful wife and the mother my child. I have practically nothing to ask for when it comes to my wife. I love her so much, and I know that she loves me the same. As a wife, she is very caring, and makes sure that all my need, emotional and what not, are attended to. I think I fell more in love with my when I saw how she is as a mother. Not all mothers are the same, but I am thankful that my wife is a terrific mother. Children are so helpless, and are in constant need of guidance and affection; and my wife never fail in her duties. She is the first to worry when our child seem to feel unwell, and would stay with him constantly. I have also seen her patiently tutor our niece, so I am confident that she will do the same, if not more, with our child.

To Mama, Inay, and Joan, thank you for being a part of my life. Cheers to all of you, and to all the mothers around the world! Happy Mother’s Day!

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