A Review of the Ultrafine Red Dragon (Redscale) Film


Last month I heard about a new camera shop in Honolulu, their website said they sold Lomography products, film, and sponsored art workshops. I felt compelled to check it out in person. While there, I have a little habit of trying new things. I have most of the cameras offered, and the other ones were out of my price range. Next was film for sale. They definitely had one I had not tried before: Ultrafine's Red Dragon 100. It is a prepackaged redscale ISO 100 film. I picked up two rolls. I almost always buy in two's so that if I royally mess up the first roll, I have one more shot to experiment before having to return to the store.

The shop's owner said he himself had just shot it a few weeks before and showed me a couple of examples. He recommended shooting it at a lower ISO than the labelled 100 for more interesting shots. The first nice weekend available I put a roll in my Olympus XA as it is small enough to fit in my pocket but allows me control over ISO and Aperture and headed off to a park.

I started off shooting the film at 50 ISO:

Credits: neanderthalis

Then I took it down to 25 ISO and got some wonderful greens:

Credits: neanderthalis

For fun comparison here are some similar shots done first at ISO 50 then 25:

Credits: neanderthalis

The negatives themselves were not numbered and the film still has the reverse curl. It was easy to scan, but only after a visual inspection to make sure I had the correct side facing the scanning bed. I have tested and reviewed other of Ultrafine's offerings in B&W but had never heard of this one before. It was low cost and fun to shoot. I think I will put the other roll in my LC-A+ since I like the results it produces with redscale.


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written by neanderthalis on 2013-05-20 #gear #test #review #redscale #new #iso #prepackaged


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