LomoAmigos From The Worst Pop Band Ever Take Us On Tour - Part Two


Once again, the boys of The Worst Pop Band Ever take us on their cross-Canada tour through the lens of the La Sardina. This time, they’ve made their way to the west coast, talking coffee, birds and hallucinations?!

Neglected Middle Shows…

Edmonton conquered, we set our sights on making it to Vancouver Island with 8 cm of snowfall (who booked this stupid tour?).

Needless to say we had a lot of time in our trusty van trying to amuse ourselves.

Once we made it, we played a great show in Courtenay, BC for the Georgia Straight Jazz Society. Again, the club shots were too poorly lit to be used (C’mon, we couldn’t see them to correct them!)
We were billeted in a fabulous Heritage Home and Mary-Lynn was a gracious host, although she wore protective clothing while around us (very smart).

We also had a chance to go to a recording studio where apparently 4000 chimney Swifts (a type of bird) go to nest twice a year. We missed the birds, but Chris found some toys to play with.

We drank a lot of coffee on the road and this was easily the most unique coffee stop we were at. Even Gord, the coffee snob, was happy and he’s never happy. The fact the cup sizes were listed as bra sizes may have contributed to that.

On our way to a show in Duncan, we stopped of in Macmillan Park on the island. Mother nature is pretty cool.

The trees were so impressive it caused vertigo and minor hallucinations of being in Lothlorien.

In Duncan, other things caused minor hallucinations, namely the fellow next to LEO37. He put on a puppet show about cats on acid as the opening act. ‘nuff said.

Even the sound check was weird.

One more chapter to go – check back soon!

- -

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