Lomopedia: Smena Symbol


Sought after by lomographers, camera collectors, and generations of film photographers to this day, the Lomo Smena Symbol is noted for being a lightweight camera that offers robust controls and takes photos with saturated colors.

True to its name Cmeha (which roughly translated to “Young Generation” in English), the “Lomo “Smena”== Symbol==":http://shop.lomography.com/cameras/russian-cameras/lomo-smena-symbol was a camera fashioned to serve as an inexpensive, accessible, and excellent camera for the young Soviets of its time. Produced by LOMO between 1970 – 1993, the lightweight plastic camera remains one of the most coveted deadstock Russian cameras to this day, most likely for the level of controls it allows and the richly saturated colors produced by its 3-element glass lens.

Technical Specifications:

  • Lens: LOMO (ЛОМО) T-43 (Triplet) 40mm f/4 filter slip-on; Modernized cameras that were produced later with fast black surface: “Industar-73” 40mm f/2.8 lens
    Aperture: f/4-f/16
    Focus range: 1-10m +inf
  • Focusing: manual, guess the distance or use symbols on the scale
  • Shutter: leaf shutter, speeds: 1/15-1/250 +B w/synchronizer
  • Setting: ring and double scale on the lens shutter barrel, you can use either the symbols or numeric scales
  • Shutter release: on the lens-shutter barrel w/cable release socket
  • Cocking lever: also winds the film, on the back of the front plate
  • Frame counter: auto-reset, advance type, window on the back of the top plate
  • Viewfinder: reverse telescopic finder, reduced size displaced to allow a rewind crank
  • Body: plastic
  • Film speed memo on camera back
  • Hot-shoe
Credits: tupiniquim, werriston, lomoculture, elvismartinezsmith, agraphy, livi, freezedudul, redarrow & maria_vlachou

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