All Lomography T-Shirts 75% Off!


Summer is coming and we know just what your closet needs: some fun, funky Lomography T-Shirts! Grab them in every color for 75% off their original price at the Sales Section. It’s a wardrobe bargain you shouldn’t miss!

Lomographers love the summer because it’s the perfect season to whip out their cameras to bask under the sun’s glorious rays. After all, it’s no secret that Lomo cameras love the sun ;)

Wear your Lomographic love loud and proud on your chest for the coming sunny season. Pile up your closet with fearlessly analogue Lomography T-Shirts now priced at 75% off at the Sales Section. Head for the Shop and hoard them in every design while we’ve still got them in your sizes! With a wardrobe bargain like this, you’ll be feeling like a total analogue rockstar in no time.

written by taranoia on 2013-05-09 #news #t-shirt #deals #lomography #discounts

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