To My First Film Camera, with Love

2013-05-16 1

A little article about how a camera, that first camera, can change your life and the way you see the world. That love at first sight that gets you completely hooked on.

We all became interested in photography in different way. Some had a family member who liked it, others were given a beautiful camera as a gift, and a few just by seeing pictures. Looking at our mother’s pictures, maybe even grandma’s, I wanted to capture the same moment! That was the way I started, looking at my family’s pictures: holidays, birthdays, square format photography, others in 10 × 15 format, a few in black and white. Beautiful, isn’t it? the power to have so many memories in your hands. Why not take a flower’s picture? If they are so beautiful. What about a fly? Maybe not beautiful but interesting anyway.

Then, I got enrolled in a photography course where the teacher suddenly said: “I hope everyone’s got a camera, right?” What a dilemma! We did have a family camera, but it was under the strict protection of my mother, and since the course was oriented towards professional photography I really needed a single reflex camera.

However, the big problem was the money. For a lower class family it was a huge investment and I wasn’t about to drop the course just because I hadn’t got a camera. After the teacher suggested a few pawn shops were I could get a used SLR, my mother accompanied me to look for a suitable one.

That was the way that I, in all innocence and ignorance, entered the premised and asked for a reflex. “What kind are you looking for? Nikon? Canon? 35mm? What lenses? Are you interested in macro?” I thought, oh my gosh! What kind of questions are those? After we explained ourselves, the seller took us to a counter full of old cameras, where I saw it….black like all the others, no case, and a small lens… I loved it! Wasn’t a good brand, neither it had a flash, but I wanted it!

It was a Yashica FX-3 2000. With that name it could never fail! I was right, it never broke, always worked perfectly, took the pictures I wanted, and being fully manual, allowed me to understand it perfectly.

Currently, I have a Nikon D3100, a Polaroid 1000, and maybe my next purchase will be the Diana F+, but my first love will always be the camera my mother spent all that month’s money into, so I wouldn’t stop studying what I loved, which opened me the door to the world of photography. I wrote this review for her, as a small thank you.

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  1. jutei
    jutei ·

    This was my first film camera too! Sold it few years ago, but I think I have to buy one at some point!

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