Multi-Exposure on Your Fisheye One!


Want Multiple exposures on your Fisheye one? It sure is possible!

The Fisheye doesn’t have the button on the bottom most cameras do to wind back your film at the end of a roll, which means that once you’ve taken your first shot, just flip up the winding lever, and wind your film back, then wind it forward with the advance wheel, and snap another shot! You’ll need to turn the winding lever a few turns until you feel the film tighten, and then it will click as you roll it back into the canister.

Remember that you will have to wind it on forwards until it clicks into place for another shot, so make sure you wind back enough to accommodate that. You cant really measure the amount of film frames that goes back and forth, so be prepared for all sorts of mixed exposures, and sometimes lucky chances on the same frame! this messes up the film counter number though, so once you do it, your counter will be out so don’t depend on it!

written by emma-sailor on 2010-02-06 #gear #tutorials #multiple-exposure #tipster #double-expo #fisheye-1 #quickie-tipster #lucky-chances


  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Love N°2 !

  2. swindeorin
    swindeorin ·

    thank you so much! i just got my fisheye 1 and i will be trying this!

  3. itsdebraanne
    itsdebraanne ·

    i'm confused?

  4. drusille
    drusille ·

    Thanks! i tried by myself, but i think i made a mistake.. i first winded forward the film till the "click" and then turned it back with the lever for the second shot, but that's wrong 'cause the film will roll forward to its place unless you keep it stuck by the lever.. mmh i'll try this way :)

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