Wet & Wild Lomo Adventure Part 1: Bangkok, Thailand

2013-05-09 3

Lomography will be my forever love and I have the lifetime mark to prove it! I have revived my analogue love on my recent backpacking trip to Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia. Just goes to show that I will never turn my back on something that I really love.

In case you are wondering if the photo I have attached is a real tattoo… YES IT IS! I recently had an amazing backpacking adventure during the concluded Songkran Festival in Thailand. It was a wet and wild experience for me; it was actually my first time to attend this Thai New Year celebration. It was already my fourth visit to Thailand and it has always kept me interested and surprised in so many ways.

Credits: imnotgic

On my trip, I decided to take Bangkok as my first stop before heading to the provinces in the south and then to Singapore and Malaysia. Since Songkran has been known to be a crazy and exciting celebration, I had the guts to take my Lomo LC-A+ on a risky adventure. Loading it with Lomography X-Pro Slide 200 ISO Film which I purchased at the Lomography Embassy Bangkok in Siam Discovery, I had the chance to shoot away some memorable moments in this busy city turned water world metropolis.

Credits: imnotgic

I have so much captured in my 3-country escape and it’s in the process of uploading so keep yourself posted on my albums at my LomoHome. Enjoy a glimpse of some of the scenes at the recently concluded Songkran Festival 2013.

Credits: imnotgic

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    looks like fun! :D

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    hell yeaaaah!

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