Lomography Gallery Store London - Our 2009 recap!


We opened the Lomography Gallery Store London in the final months of 2009. So how did it go?

We came, we built, we opened and so far we have only closed for two days! It’s time foe a quick loot at the last few months of 2009 from the point of you of the Lomography Gallery Store London!

September the 9th 2009! BEFORE

September the 10th 2009! AFTER

Opening Party!

It’s been a pretty incredible first few months for the Lomography Gallery Store London and a great way to end 2009! Having opened in September we were the new kids on the block in the Gallery Store family. Now however we are golden oldies with Rio and Berlin opening in recent weeks.

Time for a quick recap of what has been happening in the best store in all of the United Kingdom!

We’ve been open for:

110 Days
945 hours

We’ve had:

About 20000 visitors
20 workshops
1 Christmas party
1 Treasure Hunt
1 Amazing Japanese Ska/Punk/Jazz band
0 fights
1 drunk tramp
And a couple of decent celebrities



Asakusa Jinta!


Some Newburgh Quarter Moments:

And finally let us wish you all a fantastic New Year!! From Adam, Greg, Hadda, Liana, Lucy, Mark and Sue @ the Lomography Gallery Store London!

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  1. panelomo
    panelomo ·

    good luck and wishing you guys a wonderful 2010 ahead!

  2. kboboland
    kboboland ·

    next stop, Chicago?
    looks like so much fun!

  3. maryalexandra
    maryalexandra ·

    I want to visit this store so much! I cannot wait to go to London with my London lomo notebook :)

  4. olivermwright
    olivermwright ·

    I'm coming in soon! I live sarf of the river so it's a bit of a trek home in the evenings...on my bike. But soon!

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