Use Two 110 Films on a 35mm Camera for Crazy Awesome Shots


So there are a lot of tipsters and hacks on the web for using 35mm film on different format cameras, so I went and tried using 110 on a 35mm camera, and this is pretty much what I got on my first try. It’s a bit of a process, but it’s also lots of fun, then again, what in Lomography isn’t?

There I was one day, after scanning a bunch of 35mm film and a few other 110 film that I had lying around and I realized that When you put together two strips of 110 film it’s almost the same size as one 35mm film so I got the idea of putting two 110’s inside a 35mm canister and see what I could get from it. I’ll sure try and do more of it and I hope you do too, so here’s how.

Credits: dvzncndo

You’ll need

  • Tape (clear/invisible and the other kind used for sealing boxes)
  • Two 110 Film cartridges
  • 1 empty 35mm canister
  • 2 Unused strip of 35mm (those strips we get left after cutting our film for scanning)
  • Bottle opener
  • Scissors
  • Exacto Knife (optional)
  • A dark room – or somewhere you can work in the dark without distractions.
  • 35mm Film scanning tray

Start by cutting several strips of tape so that you have them ready once you turn off the lights, especially the box sealing tape because It can be quite a hassle to work with. After that’s done, try opening up the 35mm canister with the bottle opener without ruining it (that is very important!) Once that’s set it’s time for turning off the lights and getting to the film!.

Opening up a 110 film cartridge
A 110 film cartridge has a trick to it and it’s not very difficult to open, but it requires some patience. To pry open the 110 cartridge use the scissors or the x-acto knife on the corner shown in the red circle and follow the contour of the cartridge. If you like playing it safe you can also force the cartridge open by breaking the sides shown on the blue rectangle and separating it into pieces. (Be careful not to cut or break the film though! ) once you get it open, take the paper that comes with it that counts the shots you’ve made and all because you won’t be needing that.

Getting the film into the 35mm canister.

Remember the strips of tape you made at the start of the tipster? Well here’s when they come in handy. While still in the dark room, take both ends of the two 110 films that you took from their cartridges and tape them together to one of the strips of film that should be in the canister, try not getting any wrinkles on the tape, but this sealing tape is pretty thin so don’t fret too much, you do want to have a firm grip of both films inside the canister. Then take the other strip and put it at the other end. You’ll use that strip to load your concoction into the 35mm camera and have it roll like normal. Once those two are done try rewinding the film carefully. I even used some tape to cover the canister to eliminate possible leaks. Your canister will look something like in the picture. Then all you need to do is load the films in the 35mm camera and start shooting!

Scanning your work
Scanning this is pretty simple, just check how the two films were and with Invisible Scotch tape put them together at the middle and put them in your 35mm film scanning tray just like you would do with 35mm film and that’s it!

I hope this tipster gets you inspired to try it on your own, I’ll sure be doing this a lot more to try to get the hang of it better!

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  1. 110isnotdead
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    that is crazy cool. :)

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    Lovely work, Dan, still... vergación de caimán con ese tirro de embalar xD
    si el hashtag de @neurodiaz es baila como Neuro el tuyo va a ser:

  3. extra_yo
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    Yo necesitaba esto, graSia @dvzncndo

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    Thanks! @110isnotdead :D

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    GraSeas ha todos hustedes pol leel el tister losmios @elkilla, @le_ors, @extra_yo, @lasaventurasde

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    #enteipacomoDanilo, JAJAJAJA.

  8. istionojr
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    neat tipster!

  9. electrozity8
    electrozity8 ·

    I wonder. What if you fed two 35mm rolls into a 120 camera...
    Cool idea though.

  10. dvzncndo
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    genial, amé este tipster :DDD

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