SoLocations: McLain State Park – The Best Place on the Planet

2013-05-07 1

Everyone has their favourite place to be, where they go when they want to reset and recharge. For me, it’s McLain State Park, about two miles of rocky beach on the southern shore of Lake Superior.

There are definitely four full seasons here.

McLain State Park is about fifteen minutes outside of Hancock, Michigan, the island side of the Portage Canal. Yes, I live on an island. Fun when I want to be pedantic.

McLain is a public park, with facilities to have a party or a cookout, and it’s just north of the upper entry to Portage Canal. A lighthouse marks the southern boundary to McLain.

On the left, the calmer waters of upper entry. On the right, Lake Superior.

In the summer, Lake Superior is an amazing place for a sunset (if you can stay awake… at midsummer, the sun sets around 10pm), but still close enough to be back home before full dark. It’s relatively sparsely used in the evenings, and people tend to find their own bit of space to quietly listen to the waterfowl and the waves lapping up against the rocks.

The shore is mostly rock, with some sand as well. Great for agate hunting.

In the winter, the water recedes really far, with ice and snow making a great surface for snowshoes. I’m not as active in the winter as I am in the summer, but this is still one of my favourite things to do, especially on a sunny winter day.

The lighthouse seems just a hop, skip, and jump away!

A grey, brooding day is pretty cool out at McLain as well, though. Those are great days for black and white film.

Nature’s ice art.

And throughout the year, there can be some pretty wicked fog out here. I’ve only captured a few wisps on film, but next time it happens and I’m there, I’ll shoot the whole roll!

Just a little bit.

That’s what happens when you’re looking at a lake that can be 40 degrees on a day when it’s 90 degrees on the shore.

Come on by. We can go for a walk. It’s kind of cool to just look out at forever, the world around you with the sounds of nature and not the city streets, a chance to remember a bit about yourself.

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  1. bunnyears
    bunnyears ·

    This really looks like a wonderful place! Lovely pictures!

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