Through the Lomochrome Looking Glass: A Review of the Lomochrome Purple 400


Rose colored glasses ain’t got nothin’ on the Lomochrome Purple 400! Take a look at Sixsixty’s comparison shots to get a real feeling for how vibrant this film really is…

When you’re handed a new film, there’s nothing better than grabbing an old camera and waiting to see what develops. So, when I was given the opportunity to test out Lomography’s brand new film Lomochrome Purple 400 I immediately knew I needed to put it in my favorite camera: the Lubitel 166+.

With this new film, you really have to throw your old ideas about how shots are going to work out the window. Light and shadow, as well as the inversion of color, become heightened and can give a whole new life to a shot you didn’t know was in the spectrum.

This is Lomography’s take on Kodak’s false color producing film, Aerochrome, that has long been a Lomo community favorite (but which hasn’t been produced in years).

Come with me as I take a quick journey around a few neighborhoods in the San Francisco Bay Area and see what new worlds emerge with this film by comparing Lomochrome Purple 400 to shots taken with a smartphone. Notice how greens become deep purples, and yellows turn into bright pinks!

See LomoChrome Purple Test

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