Tungsten-Mania: A Review of the Fuji T64 Tungsten Film

2013-05-16 2

For fans of unpredictable films, shooting with the Fuji T64 is a must. This film gave me a spectrum of sky colours with a relatively normal, sunny day. Grab a roll and come explore!

A sunny day on the shores of Lake Superior, and the results are surprising!

Tungsten film caught my eye when I just missed out on ordering the Lomography Tungsten X (I’ll catch it next time!). In the mean time, though, I’ve stocked up on the Fuji T64. A word of caution: The film I ordered expires relatively soon, and I don’t know the status of this one for the future. I’m stocking up!

I love sky shots (anyone who has browsed my LomoHome knows this!), and I wanted some unusual results. I also have a habit of getting the sun directly in my shot, just to see the results. I like a sunny day. It feels like a pile of possibilities. What I found with the T64 is that the angle and position of the sun made all the difference in what colour the sky turned out.

I expected more purple like this.

The brighter shots turned kind of beige-red, while the shots facing away from the sun gave me the purple hues I was hoping for. In the middle was a bit green. Cool either way, really. I also snapped a few shots on a cloudier day, and the colours were completely different here, too.

Through the windshield, not touched-up (I promise).

The cloudier day brought out purples and some beige hues, and I love the depth this gives. I was using my Lomography La Sardina Copernicus – an awesome camera if there ever was one – and really had no idea what would turn out. I shot this while driving, just a blind shot through the windshield. A very forgiving film, this. And a lucky shot.

Kind of a relaxing day on the shore. Of Mars, maybe.

I don’t know anything about tungsten lighting. I don’t want to. I want to take something out without a screen, without batteries (yeah, I know, the flash… you know what I mean), and just shoot photos. This film isn’t terribly cheap, but at about $10 a roll, it’s not a bank-breaker, either. And with 36 shots, there’s plenty to work with. I bought 5, and I’ll probably pick up another 10 rolls sometime this summer.


One other thing: you know how regular colour negative film is orange, and black and white is clear? This stuff is green! How cool is that?!

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  1. weaver
    weaver ·

    i love your captions and comments! funny and true :D

  2. emilios
    emilios ·

    I absolutely love this film. One suggestion, try and shoot it with a polarizing filter in the front. You'll love the results.

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