Spring Time, Twister Time!

2013-05-09 2

After a long winter, now comes springtime! With the warm weather, there is nothing more fun than going outside on a beautiful sunny day, in the company of friends, maybe taking with us something to play together! Twister is one of the most enjoyable games, a timeless game that everyone likes! In this article, I selected my preferred photos that shows how this game goes. Just watch!

After my previous article dedicated to the pillow fight in Milan, I want to dedicate an article on another funny game, which can entertain everyone with its tumbles and laughter! So, since this is springtime, take with you this game, let go in a park, take off your shoes, throw away your socks, and…play twister!

Credits: lomographer-88

All these photos were selected between many images posted in the LomoHomes; when I see these joyful moments, I can say: “it’s wonderful to have fun with the simplest things!”

Credits: djake93

In the days of rain and storm, when you want to light a smile on the faces of your friends, you just have to roll out your Twister carpet in your room, and maybe accompany it with a pizza or a party!

Credits: legacy

This is a game that interlaces all, where a forest of hands and feet will push you from all sides, leaving you in a precarious balance, and causing many laughs at first tumble!

Credits: woollographer

Twister was invented by Charles Foley and Neil Rabens in 1966, and it became a success when it was played in a TV show in the month of May of the same year.

Credits: katya-leontyeva

When you are playing, you need a referee who moves the spinner to select the position of your hand or foot. So, don’t forget to take with you a film camera and to give it to the referee, so he/she can take some shots for your amusement! It will be wonderful if you’ll share these images with us on your LomoHome!

Credits: gorics

Twister, like hula hoop, is one of the most timeless games. The “analogue” games are better! There are many Twister tournaments all around the world, to raise funds for charity. It’s a simple game which is always successful!

Credits: vickling

There are also many records for the largest carpet; currently, the World Largest Mat was put in Belchertown, MA on the Belchertown, MA, with a surface of more than 2000 square meters: this was another event made for fundraising.

If you want to play Twister, I’m ready! Why don’t we organize a Twister workshop in every Lomography Gallery Store?

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  1. deepfried_goodness
    deepfried_goodness ·

    I used to love playing Twister as a kid.

  2. sirio174
    sirio174 ·

    @kathepalacio Your is another great photo for this album www.lomography.com/homes/kathepalacio/albums/1791719-portra…

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