Meet Musician and Producer Sam Kassirer!


Sam Kassirer is multi-talented artist who has a penchant for analogue photography. We were lucky to catch up with him before he went on tour with Josh Ritter’s band. Find out more after the jump!!!

1. Hello Sam! Please introduce yourself.
Hello! I’m a musician and a producer. I tour with Josh Ritter's band and I make records. I also like to take photographs.

2. How was your experience shooting with the La Sardina Belle Star?
It was a lot of fun. I liked the portability of the camera. I literally had it in the back pocket of my jeans so it was easy to snap a photo while walking around the cities we travel through on tour. There were less variables to worry about than my other Lomo camera that I love (a Lubitel) so that combined with having 36 shots in a roll rather than 12 makes it a great travel camera.

3. What sparked your interest in photography?
My dad has always been into photography. He took a ton of photos when he was younger and collects photographs as well. So I grew up in a house with really amazing photos on every wall.

4. You are a music producer, performer, video director and photographer (phew!). Do you often find that your worlds collide?
Yes and No. For me, bouncing back and forth between recording music, performing music, working on videos etc. really keeps me fresh in all those mediums. I never get burnt out on anything and I’m always really excited at whats to come. So in that way, they feel really different to me. I do however see many parallels in the process of working on all these projects. The film and setting you choose on a camera, for instance, in comparison to how you choose a microphone and where you place that microphone on a certain musical instrument. I think about that stuff all the time.

5. Tell us about the Great North Sound Society.
Great North is a rural, retreat style recording studio in south western Maine. Its where I make most of the records I work on. Bands come from all around, stay in the farmhouse and we make a record and have a good time doing it. The house was built originally in 1790 and its just a really inspiring place to record.

6. You’re going to be on tour this summer in the US and in Europe; what are your top five travel essentials?
A bathing suit, a portable speaker, some new records, a camera, and Google maps.

7. What are some of the perks of being on tour? Are there downsides?
I think the biggest perk is seeing all these awesome places we travel to. The down side is probably that we only get to see them for a few hours as we’re in each place for a day or less usually. But its fun to get to know a city over the course of going back to it many times.

8. And finally, any words of wisdom for people wanting to get into the music business?
Do what you love because you love to do it. Hopefully all the other stuff will follow.

Thank you! And have a great tour!

For more of Sam’s work check out his website and follow him on Twitter

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