Going Around London - The Stories Behind Vintage Photos


For our second installment of the Going Around London series, a creative team composed of Adrian Bryant, Anne Cauvin, Fabio Pezzarini and Fiona McVeigh scanned the discarded negatives that they found in the flea markets, and crafted their own stories behind the images!

Old Nick at John’s bachelor party

Nobody expected Old Nick to attend John’s bachelor party, but he came uninvited.
It was most difficult for John as only he could see him.
He hoped that once everyone else started drinking they’d see him too.

Peggy’s seagull fascinator

Peggy was distracted. Initially she had disapproved of the idea of a seagull fascinator, but the ladies at the lawn club had taken to live animal accessorising. Fur was a thing of the past. Peggy had felt the need to conform, but these feelings were slowly giving way to a sense of relief that the weeks in training were beginning to pay off: her avian attire was behaving itself and gala day was still a few weeks away.

Herbie the heron at a crossroad

Herbie froze in his tracks. Something didn’t feel right. One of two things was about to happen and he prepared himself for both eventualities.

Before him a many-tentacled apparition was tearing into this reality through a previously undiscovered gateway to another dimension, hidden amongst the rosehips. Either that, or it was a variegated yucca.
If he shifted slightly he’d be able to tell if it was alive or not. But if he moved it might be the end of him.

‘Curse it,’ Herbie thought to himself, ‘curse my lack of depth perception’.

No room on the boat

‘Away me hearties, away we sail!’ the Captain’s voice echoed across the harbour. ‘No room for you today, no room. The deck is full.’

A wave of disappointment swept through the crowd. It was clear to most on the dockside that the Captain had been drinking already. Who said “me hearties” these days?

Drinking at Brighton beach

‘When I was your age, I could have seen that off in one go’ Granny reminisced with Tommy after passing him her beer. ‘But for pity’s sake, will you take that ridiculous hat off? We don’t want you drawing attention to us’.

Tommy’s mum just couldn’t wait to see if he would drink the beer, but she had always been competitive.

‘Down it, down it …’ she mentally urged.

‘These days, people are too quick to judge.’ Granny added as her mind turned to a Mint Julep and a rollup.

Snotty little brat

Esmeralda’s patience was wearing thin. ‘Stop crying will you, or I’ll lock you in the cupboard until your mother finishes her tea’. She thought it, but she didn’t say it.

Jack was being a nuisance again. He didn’t want to sit for the photo and was playing up. Esmeralda had confiscated his cap gun because he had fired it in his sister’s ear and she now had tinnitus.

Cravat or tie?

The decision for Roger to get in to chinos had been a cinch. He had quickly realised that the tough outer-weave of the birthday chinos Dottie had bought him would repel the damp sand, while affording him some measure of camouflage should they come under attack. But having never been to the beach with his father as a child, Roger was uncertain of the correct neckwear.

As he was near to the office, and it was the middle of the day, Roger thought better of a cravat and went with a tie.

Dottie thought he’d overdone it. Still, the children didn’t seem to mind, and at the very least, he was appropriately trousered.

SAS reunion

It had been a great idea to hold the first SAS officer’s reunion at Fred’s holiday home in Burma, and everyone had agreed it was a wizard fun affair. The final lark was a game of hide-and-seek, but it had been going on now for about 6 hours.

Fred surveyed the scene. Somewhere in front of him were 13 highly-trained disguise and infiltration experts, geniuses in their field, able to sit motionless for weeks at a time without food or water.

Unfortunately they had all been drawn into the SAS from different battalions and this had introduced an element of competitiveness into their esprit du corps. So it was unlikely any of them would give up and come in for tea.

Fred decided to give it another couple of hours. If he hadn’t found any of them by sundown he would release the hounds.

The romantic gardener

Many people came to admire the tulips and most left saying pleasant things to the gardener about the neat arrangements and peaceful feeling his gardens gave them. But for all their good intentions, it meant little to him.

As he had planted every bulb he had whispered her name. He had planted every bulb for a woman that he saw in his gardens once, a woman that took the breath from him, a woman that he loved. “Dolores” he had overheard her friends call her.

And now, the tulips sang “Dolores!” in colourful chorus. If she ever came back he would tell her, and then he would kiss her.

3 heroic donkeys

A well-earned rest for these 3 at the end of a long day. Not a word of complaint from any of them, always accepting of the work, and never asking for more than they were given. They were like members of the family now.

A lion in the garden

‘Watch out little one,’ mother cautioned ‘for there may be a lion in the bushes’. Although all they had seen so far was a tabby cat with a kink in its tail.

Perhaps its name was “Lion”?

Ride a swan

Hilary had always been a dreamer. Since her childhood she would tell the most incredible stories.

Driving to the city with the radio turned up as loud as it would go, wearing her leather jacket, she remembered this moment as soon as the first note played. It was her birthday party, and riding her white swan she told her dad’s shaggy-haired friend that a black cat was sitting on her shoulder.

It seems that Marc had been inspired by her crazy imagination…

Special tree

‘I really don’t get what this is all about? I can’t touch any of the flowers in the garden without mummy screaming at me “Hilary if you continue like this, Santa Claus won’t bring you ANY GIFTS this year”’
‘Well. Now look at me dressing up a Christmas tree for this man who might not bring me anything because I enjoy the perfume of the flowers too closely. Life is weird sometimes.’


He barely dares touch the vinyl. It is so precious, it’s his only one. He listens to his one every time he comes home. More than a habit it’s a tradition, he uses this moment to reconnect with reality.

He has never thought about buying another one. Why would he? These songs give him all the feelings, of joy, of happiness, of melancholy. He can even let a tear drop … Why try something else when he has found his essential?

Petit mais costaud

‘Everyone was always laughing at me “Oh you are so small you will never be taller than I am”. A few years ago I could pretend I was a Bonsai, a wonderful, respectful Japanese tree. Now everyone has seen that I am not a true Bonsai. I am a skinny tree compared to all of the others.’

‘It doesn’t matter! I can resist a powerful storm, I am not afraid of them. I shelter a family of birds and last week they organised a bar mitzvah! All their friends came and we had good fun.’

George’s favourite spoon

Maggie’s bag is so heavy. Along with her husband George they were invited to the Jameson’s for a Sunday roast. As is customary they have brought their own cutlery, for sanitary reasons.

‘We do not know what disease we might catch if we didn’t use our own cutlery’ said Maggie.

George is really very happy about this arrangement. He has a handsome spoon collection and he recently found a fabulous specimen at the market with a delicate design. To be sure Maggie won’t damage it he prefers to carry it with him, like a trophy.

She was just shocked by his attitude

‘Always the same with Charlie, it’s all about him’. She wasn’t sure if she was more disgusted about the fact she could see his ungracious belly or by the fact that he could pop up in the picture with her lover and expose his tiddly underpants.

Definitely to her it seemed Charlie had no manners. ‘Just a wag who takes life as it comes.’

A tipsy tale

These girls are the best of friends, starting what promised to be a very pleasant day with tea and scones, and choosing to wear their best frocks. As a practical matter they had eschewed heels in favour of flats. It was uphill on the way back, and they certainly wouldn’t want to attempt the walk in heels after a few brandies.


‘Pulling together is a nice metaphor for us’ Mary thought. Since Gerry had proposed to Wendy they had grown very close, ‘Like sisters …’ Wendy had said.

Neither Wendy nor Mary had a sister, and they had become almost inseparable. ‘I’ve lost a sister and a fiancée all at once!’ Gerry had joked, but really he was pleased.

Fellow Lomographers! When we finish our project/adventure we’d like to host a small public show of some of the best pictures and stories, voted for by the community. Please comment on your favourite pictures below and we’ll total it all up at the end. Thanks!

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