Going Around London - The Hunt For Classic Negatives In Flea Markets


Adrian Bryant, Anne Cauvin, Fabio Pezzarini and Fiona McVeigh were out on a mission – to search around various London markets for vintage negatives to scan. So far, their stops were the Brick Lane market and Spitalfields market in East London. Have a look at their excursion – this is the first installment of an ongoing project that you should keep an eye on!

About This Project

Our goal is to scour London’s flea markets to find once-loved negatives and pictures that were thoughtlessly discarded. It’s a sometimes wistful, sometimes whimsical, and always light-hearted journey through forgotten memories. Pictures paint a thousand words, and through this project we aim to rediscover the lives of lost strangers.

The Hunt

Waking up in the early morning.
Something is itching inside.
You can’t stay at home, life is calling you.
Call your mates, bring your camera.
Today will be different.

You know all these streets, you passed here many times but now strangely they look different – more vibrant, more alive.

Breathe it in.
Laugh and love it.
Come nearer.
Look at these fantastic colours.

In this instant you enjoy life for what is it. People are not only passers-by, they have their own stories. Like the man who plays chess on the street (he secretly dreams of playing Churchill). He doesn’t care what people think about him, he’s enjoying this moment. For those of you who play sometimes during long winter nights in front of the fireplace in a pub, it’s incredible!

‘Awesome move, but does he know what move he will make next?’

You want to join the game. Go on. Stay there a few minutes to take part in it, to tell yourself you did it.

Grab some food. Yummy! While relaxing, your friend asks:

‘What is the longest word in the English language?’
“Smiles. Because there is a mile between its first and last letters!”

Yeah you knew he was never the funniest fella … Anyway, you continue on your road. The sun is here, it is a bit windy but never mind. You feel great. Everything looks magic and you want to look closer at every object your eyes meet – pictures of funny souvenirs, cameras, robots… You are chuckling with happiness.

Everything you were normally bored of now seems interesting and you see it with a new perspective through these lenses. You are right and it’s your decision with or without a camera to change your vision of the world.

Up next: Going Around London, Part Two: The Stories Behind Vintage Photos

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