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2013-05-06 1

Looking for an analogue beauty that allows you to shoot crisp photos without flash in natural light, and even low-light? You can trust the compact Fuji Natura Classica, a lomographer favorite, to be your best shooting companion for this! Find out what some of our lucky lomographers have to say about their Fuji Natura Classica experience in this installment of Reviews on Rewind!

Foodie Natura Classica by markfappleton

“…with the most Asian part of me (my Fuji Natura Classica), I have been adhering to Far Eastern conformity by taking photos of everything and anything about to be popped in my mouth! If this is a review for anything, it is for food, Fuji Natura Classica’s, and combining the two for a tasty treat.”

Fuji Natura: The Night is Yours by sadmafioso

“The results from the Natura were exactly what I’d been looking for – naturalist night scenes, unblemished by a harsh flash. And smooth bright light, even in a dimly lit gallery. Obviously the f2.8 lens coupled with 1600 Fuji film were the reason, but strangely I’d used the same film in my LC-A previously with far less impressive results. This camera does exactly what it says it will, and does it beautifully. With 800 or 1600 film the ‘NP’ mode kicks in and the camera does its damn best to read the scene and expose it in a way natural to the eye.”

Fuji Natura Classica: Low Light Perfection with Ease by megzeazez

“What makes the Fuji Natura Classica a great camera is its ability to capture crisp, beautiful images in ridiculous low-light situations. While the camera is equipped with a built-in light meter (green light means you’re okay to shoot, red light means you might want to use the flash), I’ve found that even under ‘red light’ circumstances, your photos may still come out looking gorgeous.”

Fuji Natura Classica: Perfect for Snapshots & Beginners by kcmuguet

“I have used Natura Classica in many situations, including day or night, indoor or outdoor. The large aperture can almost handle any situation and I did not have to use the flash. For someone like me who prefer not to use the flash if possible, Natura Classica can memorize your “no flash” setting. Unlike some other cameras, you do not have to reset it to “no flash” every time you start the camera.”

Fuji Natura Classica: Worth Every Penny by ipdegirl

When loaded with 1600 ISO film, the Natura Classica’s shutter speed is very fast in challenging light situations, which eliminates the inevitable blurry subjects that appear after attempting to hold the camera still for a long exposure shot.

The Fuji Natura Classica is an exceptional, light-sensitive camera which allows you to take stunning analogue photographs using only available light. Its Natural Photo mode detects the subject’s brightness and adjusts the exposure accordingly, eliminating the need to use flash. For images that radiate natural beauty, get your own Fuji Natura Classica now!

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