Special Workshop 2010/01 in Seoul


We prepared special workshops even at 2010!

How do you prepare your analogue life for 2010?

If you want to get analogue photo-skills or more getting analogue life style. You can join lomography special workshop for lomography grabbers at the LGS Seoul for January. We have three kinds of analogue workshop – Analogue Love Workshop, 120/135 B&W film Workshop and Changing color for LC-A+ lens cover.

Application – You can register at the registration desk that day or e-mail application.
Contact – 02-326-0255 / cafe@lomography.co.kr

  • B&W film workshop need to apply by e-mail in order that we should prepare B&W film.
  • Each workshop needs to pay registration fee

Analogue Love Worksh
This workshop is very special for analogue photography beginners. We will have all things about the analogue photo – cameras, film and development. You can escape from the entry level of analogue photography.
2009.01.09 SAT 3:00 pm – Estimated time is one and half hour
Lomography Gallery Store Seoul
5,000 KRW

120/135 B&W film Workshop
Would you like B&W photos? You should be satisfied this workshop. We prepared how can you take good B&W photos and development.
2009.01.23 SAT 3:00 pm – Estimated time is two and half hour
Lomography Gallery Store Seoul
10,000 KRW (included B&W film and 1 free drink)

Changing Color – LC-A+ lens cover
You can change LC-A+ lens cover with your favorite color.
2009.01.24 SUN 3:00 pm – Estimated time is twohours
Lomography Gallery Store Seoul
10,000 KRW

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  1. strangelilgirl
    strangelilgirl ·

    Ooooohhh...will there be anything special going on in Seoul around the end of May/beginning of June?.....

  2. gsaram
    gsaram ·

    Dear~ strangelilgirl. We don't have plan for next May and June detail. If we decide special workshop schedule, we will post it on magazine. Thanks

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