Lomographic Christmas Party Ideas!

節日的臨近,除了標誌著為你的至愛和好友挑選最合適的禮品,送上溫暖和祝福;更令人期待的事,當然少不了一個個讓大家盡情狂歡的派對聚會。各位派對動物,你們該不會錯過每個以 Lomographic 相機把精彩時刻紀錄下的機會吧!

節日的臨近,除了標誌著為你的至愛和好友挑選最合適的禮品,送上溫暖和祝福;更令人期待的事,當然少不了一個個讓大家盡情狂歡的派對聚會。各位派對動物,你們該不會錯過每個以 Lomographic 相機把精彩時刻紀錄下的機會吧!

Now you have probably chosen the perfect gifts for your friends and send out your Christmas greeting, what’s next? It’s party time! Party animals, roll out your Lomographic cameras and gadgets, capture the finest moments of the year!

Diana Half-frame: Shoot Forever!

Diana MINI 有著的半片幅格式,能把兩幅不同照片放在一起的特性,給了我們無法預計的樂趣。在今個聖誕的派對裡,來嘗試 “let go your mind” 隨意拍下照片,以影象編寫出一個個屬於你的“半格故事”吧。

The half-frame feature on the Diana Mini is the best tool to compose multiple photos and get some unexpected story telling! Let go your mind, don’t thick just shoot, tell your half-frame story with the DIana Mini!

Diana Instant Back+

即拍即有的樂趣,想必都不再需要甚麼說明了,配合上一系列不同風味 Diana Lens ,在 Fujifilm Instax 上拍出即時分享的 Analogue 樂趣。

Instant photos tell instant stories! Capture every instant moment with the Diana F+ and Diana Instant Back+, pick any Diana lens and share some instant fun with your friends!

Lubitel 166+ : Forget about the view finder!

你有否想過,以 Lubitel 166+ snapshot 的趣味,可一點都不比 LC-A+ 來得少。把光圈調至 f/5.6 – f/8 左右,善用對焦環上的四個刻度 (0.8m, 1.5m, 3m, infinity),配合閃光燈,盡情發揮 Lubitel 166+ 無限的 snapshot 機能,你都一樣能在派對場合捕捉下每張快樂的臉孔。

Snapshot with Lubitel 166+? Yes, it’s not that difficult! Set your f-stop to f5.6 or f8.0, use the distance scale on the focusing ring (0.8,, 1.5m, 3m, infinity) like LC-A+, put a flash on, and snap some high quality shots with the Lubitel 166+!

LomofilmPack Finecolor 400 / 800ASA/36

在光源昏暗的派對現場,有甚麼能比高感光度的底片來得更合適不過!把 LomofilmPack Finecolor 800ASA/36 配合上不同的 Lomographic 相機使用,讓你在低光環境中攝取正確曝光量的機會大大增加。就算是其他場合如晚上的街道,它們都一樣能大派用場!

High-speed film is your friend in any indoor party at night! Throw in a roll of Lomofilmpack Finecolor 800ASA/36 to any 35mm Lomographic camera, and get clear shots even from the shakiest pair of hands.

Competition: Party up!

Party time 當然亦都是 Lomo time!這個聖誕節的 party 你都安排好了吧?帶齊你的 Lomography 相機裝備,好好的記錄下歡樂的時光,然後把相片上載參賽吧!

Gear up yourself with Lomographic gadgets, capture every joyful moment in your upcoming Christmas parties! And don’t forget to submit your Lomograph to Competition: Party Up!

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