Review: Supersampler - A Camera That Makes People Jump


I’ve tried a lot of cameras, old and new ones, broken and good ones, beautiful and ugly ones, but to tell you the truth – Supersampler still remaines one of my favourites.

Credits: lomofrue

I still remember the day I got it. I remember the whole day and I remember the exact moment when I got it my hands. It was an awesome moment, and I knew in that exact second that this camera will be my best friend. It was my first analogue camera and my first Lomography camera, I chose it after a long consideration. It was all the fun and excitement on the photos that probably drawn me to it. I’m on my second Supersampler now (the first one was lost last year in Letna Park in Prague, it was a green Supersampler Dalek edition if someone actually found it) and I’ll never let it go.

SuperSampler is a camera with 4 lenses and two possibilities – you can press the button and open all four lenses at the same time, or you can do so that each lens opens after 0,5 second. I usually choose the second option because it catches the movement nicely.

Credits: lomofrue

Here are 5 reasons why I love SuperSampler so much:

1. It’s light.
You can have it with you all the time because it doesn’t take any of your space, you won’t even notice you have it in your bag (till the point you loose it, but that’s another story).

2. It’s cute looking.
When I first got it, a lot of friends looked amazed and kept on asking me what is this alien looking thing in my hand. And they just started laughing when I told them this is a camera. Yes, it’s a little bit funny looking but to me it’s the most beautiful camera just because it is so unique.

3. It makes the perfect noise.
Really, the noise this camera makes when you press the shutter is crazy and unique. I’ve seen people turning their heads because they just couldn’t grasp what that sound is. It’s hilarious, I could totally do a secret camera and shoot confused people when hearing the sound.

4. It makes people smile.
Literally. When people first see it they laugh. And when they get used to it they smile when I take it out of the bag because they know something fun is about to happen. This camera makes people happy.

5. It makes people jump.
Yes, it does. It first started as a joke when i first asked “so, who will jump for my camera” and now every time I take out the camera my friends start jumping. Really, they love jumping for this camera, I have loads of my friends jumping in my photos, I love it.

Credits: lomofrue

written by lomofrue on 2013-05-14 #gear #review

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