My Analogue Days: The Smell of Darkroom

2013-05-08 2

The other face of analogue is the dark room: Are you ready to wash and reveal your memories by yourself?

Credits: lisamariesimpson

Up to now I barely used black and white films. I don’t really like shooting black and white as we have the colors. I was on my homework and I was searching a color negative film among abundant rolls in my film storagel box. Guess what? I couldn’t find any. All of them were reversal films. That’s when I figured out that I am kind of addicted to the colors.

Credits: lisamariesimpson
Credits: lisamariesimpson

However, when turuncuaz gave me some basic instructions on working in the darkroom, the fat got in the fire! The darkroom has many rules: Later, I learned these rules from Caner Aydoğan who studies Photography and Video in our school. For example, every minute you need to shake the tank you wash your films in. You need to be careful with the heat of the chemicals, etc. These are the rules that guarantee your work.

Credits: lisamariesimpson

But, I was being such a lomographer with this process. Spontaneously, without thinking, I washed and printed the photos I uploaded here. Neither I paid attention to the heat of the water nor to the paper when I took the samples so on and so forth.

Credits: lisamariesimpson

My aim was to have some printings with which I can decorate my house, to experience the darkroom. But after a while, this was not enough for me. So, I decided to be more careful with it.

Credits: lisamariesimpson

When I last went into the dark room with Caner, I was determined to do Man Ray’s solarisation, which my teacher Orhan Cem Çetin'in mentioned before. But, I don’t know if it was something we did, but the black and white film that we washed turned out to resemble a positive film!

Solarisation Test

By the way, according to what Orhan Cem Çetin told me, he started photography with a Diana which was given to him as a gift.

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