My Lomography Journey with the Diana Baby 110


I met with these amazing analogue cameras with the help of a friend. Ever since I got my Diana Baby, I feel totally analogue! It’s basically all about my joy in this “new” lovely road.

I never used analogue camera until last week. My dear friend told me about Lomography a lot, but I didn’t really pay attention to it or examined it in detail until the moment she bought the Fisheye One. I can honestly say that I fell in love with Lomography when I saw it for real. I decided to get one for myself right away.

These are the photos we shot with the Fisheye One:

There was this campaign that you pay one for two. With her, we went to the Gallery Store in Galata and bought a Diana Baby 110. I also bought a roll of Lomography Lobster Redscale 110

My first photo that I shot is kind of blurry because it was on bulb mode and I shook it a little bit. If you want to get a clear photo, it is really important not to shake it when it is on bulb mode. But still I was able to get some good results. Most of them really surprised me in a way that they turned out different than I expected. That is the fun part of my Lomography Journey!

I like this one a lot. It is so nostalgic. It takes you back to the 1960s. Well, maybe I am over-praising it, but this is what it evokes in me.

An indoor multiple exposure with bulb mode. As far as I remember there is three exposures in this frame.

This was shot on bulb mode because I was inside and I believe I was kind of good at not shaking it as I see it turned out not that bad.

The next day, I went to Çengelköy coast, and shot some more photos over there. The other day, I went to Galata. I tried to plan my frames, but when I got the results, I learned that I shouldn’t be programmed with my new camera because it’s good when you act spontaneously with it. There was especially this one frame that I cannot clearly remember shooting. However, what I partly remember is me shooting it without looking through the viewfinder. This photo turns out to have a special meaning for my first roll: My first shoot from the hip photo. And maybe multiple exposures, who knows.

This one seems to be my favorite one so far. If I knew how I shot it, I would definitely try it with different frames as well.

There is a lot to learn and experience with Lomography! Have fun, people!

written by mascakir on 2013-05-08 #lifestyle #redscale #multiple-exposure #lomography #bulb-mode #analogue-lifestyle

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