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2013-05-10 1

A camera that can register 144 pictures on a normal 135mm roll. It registers every scene or action and it can reproduce every kind of motion. It is the first movie camera made by Lomography, 100% analog, as we like it!

Picture from simonesavo

LomoKino is surprising, small, compact and last but not least, very simple to use.


  • You can use any 35mm film (negative, positive, xpro, B&W &RedScale)
  • Easy focusing between 1,95 feet (0,6m) and infinite (it has even a close up button to record the movie between (1,95 feet – 3,2 feet / 0,6m – 1m)
  • You can set the aperture between ( f/5,6 – f/8 & f/11)
  • You can shoot from 3 to 5 frame (you only need to rotate the handle)
Picture from simonesavo

I actually like so much filming with my LomoKino, just loading the film depending on the scene I want to record. Then closing the cover and starting to give life to our movie.

The part which is a little more complicated is the one that comes after we have the developed roll on our hand; you only need to remember a few rules: firstly, NEVER let your lab cut the roll, because, on a normal 36 exposure roll, we got about 144 frames. Digitalize the whole negative and with a standard photo editing application cut all the frames. Lastly, with a video editing software merge all your frames together. (It is easier done than said)

Here you can find some of my movies

My first try with my lomokino simonesavo
CATS by simonesavo
Walk On The Lake by LomoKino by simonesavo
Neige by simonesavo
Snow by simonesavo

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translated by robertoragno

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  1. matt_skwid
    matt_skwid ·

    Here's a Music Video that was shot on the LomoKino >> www.lomography.com/homes/matt_skwid/movies/2763-gabe-levine…
    Made using 21 rolls of Lomography colour negative film (100, 400 & 800)
    Negatives scanned by a lab
    Individual frames cropped by hand

    Fun little camera indeed!

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