An Overview of Multiple Exposure and Splitzer Workshop


I confess: I like conducting workshops a lot!

Credits: lisamariesimpson

Workshops are good times to meet with other lomographers. For example, thanks to the workshops, I had the chance to get to know ruyatuna, sedaakay, bomboniera and sucini . There are surely more people, but these are the names I could think of at first. I become very happy when I see them in other workshops or parties. This way, I have a wide circle of lomographic acquaintances around me!

Credits: lisamariesimpson

On Sunday, 17th February, there was a workshop on multiple exposure. As always, I made a presentation to the participants. Afterwards, when everybody chose and picked up their cameras from the store, we headed out to shoot. Every time we go out to practice shooting during the workshops, this is what I can’t help but think: Fortunately, Lomography Gallery Store is in Galata!

Credits: lisamariesimpson

I preferred to shoot the participants rather than shooting multiple exposures.

Credits: lisamariesimpson

If you too participated in one of the workshops or parties, using the photos you took during these events, you can write an article in Magazine and earn two times more piggy points!

If you don’t know what to do with piggy points, check this out: Piggy Puan: Lomography'de Para Harcamadan Her Şeye Sahip Olabilmenin Yolu!

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written by lisamariesimpson on 2013-05-18 #lifestyle #workshop #lomography #recap #analogue-lifestyle #workshop-recap #coklu-pozlama
translated by mascakir

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