The 5 Greatest Street-Food Cities!


We all know about the Lomography foodie niche, so we thought we’d share the top five street-food cities with you! From feijoada to kebap, there’s a little something for everyone! Read more to follow the street-food countdown!

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The online travel advisor,, put together a list of the top five street-food cities around the world. Some of my personal favourites didn’t make the list, like Indonesia, Malaysia and Taiwan. However, the list has plenty of other epicure cities for us to try!

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5. Istanbul, Turkey

Named after the succulent poultry, this country was destined to place in the list, with it’s largest city, Istanbul.

Warm yourself up on a cold day with a toasty bag of roasted chestnuts, or “kestane”, for USD $2.20. Otherwise, you can snag a doner kebab in a durum, which is the Turkish version of the popular dish, shawarma.

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4. Boston, U.S.A.

America is popular for it’s trademark hot dog stands, however, Boston offers a full range of street-food for the busy locals. Grab a lobster roll from the Lobsta Love truck or Vietnamese snacks from the Bon Me truck. Boston is busy with over 40 food trucks that station themselves across the city.

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3. Paris, France

Who’d think that classic ol’ Paris would make its way on the top five greatest street-food cities? In this beautiful city, locals can enjoy the quintessential French delicacy, the crêpe. Enjoy a divine selection of toppings to create your savoury or sweet masterpiece! However, the fun doesn’t stop there, you can feast on falafels, sandwiches and even American classics.

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2. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The wonderful Brazillians have a knack for special drinks offered for the busy bees. The local favourites include fruit smoothies and acai juice. Some of their food stalls are even available 24/7. Take your pick between salgadinhos, ferjioda, churros, deluxe hot dogs and cheese bread!

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1. Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong is known as the foodie paradise, featuring local and international cuisines. Get to know the nom noms in Hong Kong with the Hong Kong Local Food Guide

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The runner ups include: Fukuoka, Berlin, Marrakech, Ottawa and Mexico City. I’m drooling just thinking about all the food.

Lucky for us, we can enjoy some food porn with all these mouthwatering delicacies our lovely Lomography Community snapped up with their Lomography Cameras!

Whose up for a quick flight to Brazil for some cachorro quente and pao de queijo? Race you there!

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    6. Portland, Oregon, USA. There is a huge food cart culture and there is now a cookbook with the best recipes from the carts

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