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2013-05-09 2

To be honest, I bought the Diana Instant Back+ so I could do multiple exposures on Fuji’s Instax films. I got my Diana F+, the Black Jack edition a few months earlier. So why not try this combination? Diana lens and Fuji Instax films! Yes to that combo!

Credits: adi_totp

To put the instant back to the Diana F+ camera is easy if you read the instructions. The Diana F+ with the instant back is really nice, and gives the Diana F+ more sophisticated and drop dread gorgeous because I just love my camera: all black and simple. So as far as I remember that day when I shot for the first time using Diana Instant Back+, it was afternoon and I just shot around my house because of the urge and curiosity of using this camera!

Credits: adi_totp

Those three shots above are my firsts shots of Diana Instant Back+. It’s a bit overexposed because I forgot to set the aperture setting on my Diana F+. But I was really happy!

Credits: adi_totp

The shots above I took when my girl and I were going to the train station. I just took doubles shots of her and me. I was happy back then but still haven’t quiet gotten the hold of this instant back!

After trying and trying, I was satisfied with this shot.

Credits: adi_totp

Then I began shooting again and again, doing some MX action because that’s the main reason that I bought this gem!

Credits: adi_totp

After trial and error for some time, I gained some fancy confidence to shoot more and more with the Diana Instant Back+

Credits: adi_totp

I just love how the Diana lens influences the result of the Instax film. I really realized now know beautiful the Diana lens is after taking shots of these. Then I decided to treat myself by doing some experimental selfies!

Credits: adi_totp

I just love it! I realized that these days I never had the chance to use this combination anymore but I will use it more and more in the near future.
If you love your Diana F+ then Diana Instant Back+ is for you! Be sure to use it frequently so you can all taste the Instax love and Diana’s affection in your shots!


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  1. istionojr
    istionojr ·

    makin ngencening gw buat ambil instant back nih. :D

  2. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    @istionojr naaah! cocok bgt buat LC-s lo nooo!!

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