Stop Motion in Analogue : The Classic Wide Portraits

2013-05-12 17

Call me crazy or what, but I’m using LC-Wide for my stop motion. If you haven’t heard of The Classic Wide Portraits by adi_totp I think this is the right time for introducing it all over again. Here’s my quick and very quick tipster about my stop motion in analogue using my LC-Wide!

I am number 2!

This idea of making a stop motion out of my The Classic Wide Portraits project was inspired by littlekoala's comment on of my photos and she said “Why don’t you make a video with all the pictures?”. So after four months, I decided to make a video using all of my “The Classic Wide Portraits” shots.


That’s The Classic Wide Portraits" shots!

My tips are really simple :

1. Get a place to shoot so the stop motion is consistent, consistent means that same place,same pose but different clothing but same face expression in my case. Straight face!

2. Get a nice film so you can get the same nice colors tone in each frame! I’m using Kodak Colorplus 200!

3. Shoot when there’s a good light! You don’t want to spoil your stop motion by shooting under a bad light condition!

4. On making the video, make sure that the photo is well cropped so you can achieve nice and clear but still simple-straight forward photos on it

5. Have fun! I mean I made this video after months of shooting myself in the same place, with the same facial expression even though my face is so damn serious but after that I usually laugh a little because that’s not my usual everyday face.

Stop motion is really fun. Actually this is my first time making stop motion using my own photos and it couldn’t be more addicting than this! I used Lomokino before but making stop motion with the LC-Wide is something you have to try so go shoot and have fun!

Oh wait a moment! I nearly forgot! Here's the video! Enjoy!!

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    Cool series!!

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    adiiiii styleeee yeahhh!! =P

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    @goonies @atria007 it's officially Adi Style now!! hahahahhaha thanks brooo sissss!!

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    @istionojr nagih abis no ini.. rencananya tahun ini buat juga kok hahahhahaa

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    @sobetion thanks mickey!! :D

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    yessssss!!!!! <3

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    @vicuna thank you very much! :D

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    @robotto_dawad hahaha terima kasih brooo! hahaha

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    wow! shoot more. :)

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    Yeah! Broooo!!!! So good!

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    @stouf thanks broooooooo!!! :D

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    @antibiotyx thanks sherwin! Will shoot more this year :D

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