Lomography Gallery Stores: Last Minute Holiday Gifts!

Still not sure what to give your darling this Christmas? Not to worry as Lomography’s various Galleries has some suggestions for you! Spread the love of Lomography this Holiday season!

Shooping at the Last Minute?

We know how it is during the Holidays! Shopping frenzy here and maybe even a missed item or two on your list there.

Lomography Gallery Stores to the Rescue! Don’t panic, we have devised a last-minute shopping plan for those of you who find themselves in a mad rush. The Lomography Gallery Stores are open late in these last few days just to accommodate you. They are even stocked with cookies, drinks, and live music – so perhaps you would like to stop by for some fun, even if you’re not in need of emergency gifts.

Find out the late night Holiday shopping dates for the Lomography Gallery Store near you at the microsite!

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Workshops & Gift Vouchers

Share the gift of Lomography with friends who are not yet acquainted with our wonderful community! At Lomography Gallery Stores, gift vouchers for introductory workshops are given to you free with your camera purchase! They are a great way to spend time with friends and a chance to brush up on shooting skills.

Holiday Gift Bundles

Now have a look at Lomography’s Holiday Bundles featuring some of the great gifts you still have time to pick up and other recommendations!!

Starter Kit

Lomo LC-A+, Lomo L-Case, Lomography CN 800 film (3-Pack)
View in Shop

Significant Other

Diana Mini, Diana F+ Flash, Diana “Ready to Shoot” Bag, Lomography CN 800 film
View in Shop

Supreme Analogue Lover

Horizon Kompakt, Sidekick Leather Bag (black)
View in Shop

Adventure Exposure

Snow Cat Diana F+, Large Flex Tripod, Cable Release, Kodak Portra 400 VC 120 (10 Rolls)
View in Shop

Accesory Joy

Grande Lomography Tazza Set, Lomo Notebook, Lomo Landscape Album Duo, Fisheye Double Frame
View in Shop

Diana Instant Back+

With the Diana Instant Back+ create all Diana+’s looks in an instant photo!
View in Shop

Colorsplash Camera

Re-cast your world in a gorgeous riot of colour!
View in Shop

Lomo Lubitel 166+

The Lubitel 166+, a loving recreation of the Soviet-era classic.
View in Shop

Horizon Kompakt

Dead-easy panoramic shots made easy.
View in Shop

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