A Photo A Day: William, from Lomography Canada

2013-05-08 1

Instant Month is upon us and we’ll be sharing an instant photo a day from our Lomography Canada office and the Lomography Gallery Store Toronto. Introducing, the most important member of all, William!

Name: William
Lomohome: williamthemayor
What you do at Lomography: HR, Guard Dog, Chihuahua friend, Mayor

What would get you running in an instant?: Treats

What would put you to sleep instantly?: Belly rub

What is your favourite instant messaging program?: Bark Chat

Name something you can do in an instant: Bark

What gets you instantly happy?: Attention or treats (equally)

What gets you instantly sad?: Being alone

What is your favourite instant camera to use?: The Fuji Instax 50s

Good one, Mr. Mayor!

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