The Diana Instant Back+: Instant Fun, Instant Memories!


I had a mini Polaroid camera when I was about 13, and used to use it to constantly snap pictures of friends and families, and stick them straight on my wall. So imagine my excitement when I finally received my Diana Instant Back+.

The Diana Instant Back+ is so easy to use (once you work out where to buy the batteries from). You just take off the normal Diana back and slot it in! The Fuji instant film isn’t really that expensive. I managed to get some for £12 for 20 photos. It’s definitely worth it for what you get. I must’ve taken about 80 photos by now. My Achilles heel is that it’s more fun to give them away once you’ve taken them. I found that people really appreciate a little snap of their evening to take home with them!

At first I found some problems with the lighting, it can be quite hard to gauge how the photo will come out, but you soon get used to it. One thing I found was that very bright spots (such as the sun or a flash in a mirror) come out almost as a black spot. Here are some of my earlier whoopsies….

Once you get the hang of it its always fun to take to parties. I always take mine with the Fritz the Blitz flash. People generally wonder what on earth I’m doing, up until the picture prints out, then they’re generally impressed. It’s very satisfying to turn the back on and press the print out button and hear that sound. I love watching them develop. Here’s some of the great times I’ve had with the instant back.

And what do I do with them? I generally stick them in my diary to remind me what I’ve been up to!

If you have a Diana+ I would seriously recommend getting one of these, you won’t regret it!!

written by quigs on 2013-05-08 #gear #review #instant #polaroid #friends #diana #instantback

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