Use Your Scanner To Double B&W, Colour, or Both!

2013-05-11 2

Do doubles yourself with your scanner at home. It gives you more options, time, and creativity. Do B&W-B&W doubles, Colour-Colour doubles, even B&W-Colour doubles!

Let your imagination do the work, you can do doubles as easy as pie.

First, You can pick any negatives that you have, stack, see the image as the result of two negative that you stack.

Second, if you are satisfied enough, put you negatives on your scanner, let your scanner work, and Voila!

Tips: Use 48-Bit Colour option for more variation of doubles :D

B&W-Colour Doubles


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  1. istionojr
    istionojr ·

    make scanner apa ya ini? ngerasain ga kl scan nya dibalik antara negatif satu sama dua, dominansi hasil scan nya juga kebalik. belum bisa nemuin komposisi yang bener2 kaya mx murni dari kamera. atau @ping-junior bisa bantu nih sehubungan sama… ini juga soalnya.

  2. artlens
    artlens ·

    @istionojr haha, iya. masih tetep paling pas komposisi mx kamera. hahaha

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