The Road Rarely Traveled: Color Explosion!

2013-05-02 1

Spring may have sprung in a lot of other places several weeks ago, but the snow is just now clearing away here in the last week of April. Still, even with the delay, the world is coming alive with color, and the right analogue touches make it explode even more!

The spring and summer here can be almost painful. Not that they’re hard to get through, but rather, there are so many possibilities that it feels almost impossible to grab and hold onto enough of life. There is so much to do, so much to see. It’s such an amazing place.

For me, the receding glaciers mean I get out to my favorite place in the whole world: McLain State Park. I went there after work yesterday and shot a few frames on my La Sardina Copernicus and some Fujichrome T64 tungsten film.

Rocks and sun and water and a billion possibilities

At the south end of the park there is a break wall, the upper entry to the Portage Canal. Here there’s a rather lonely breakwall and a squat, odd-looking lighthouse. This time of year the students are leaving and the tourists aren’t here yet.

It’s the same waterway that carried goods and people galore decades back. Odd how little shifts in economy makes it so much more quiet now. Still, there is possibility.

This is also the time of year where forecasting is more a kind of voodoo than science. Yesterday, it was in the upper 60’s inland (which isn’t all that far… this is a skinny peninsula). But at the shore it was 45, and the water temperature is 34. It’s cold. Very cold. But that also means there is some cool fog going on along the surface of the water.

It’s just a little bit; in the early or late day, it’s an entire fog bank.

The view from in town is kind of cool as well. The fog is harder to see here, but this is a shot with the Sardina through my windshield. This actually came out way better than I thought it would, all things considered. I’ll try it with some of the Ektar film in the near future.

Hey, at least I wasn’t texting while driving.

As the days get long and the sun lasts forever, looking west is to look into everything we could do, might do yet, the adventures across the horizon and the people we’re yet to meet. It speaks of new loves and new friends and new loss and everything else it is to be human.

Even with no destination, I can’t wait to get there.

Where will that light take you?
Credits: kevinhodur

Words and photos by Kevin Hodur. Previously calling suburban Chicago and Portland home, Kevin now lives and works as a writer on Upper Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula. Catch more editions of The Road Rarely Traveled with next month’s Earth, Air, Water, a collection of elements before they slip away. Drink your fill of each and every moment.

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