Lomographer for a Day: Andrea S


I know Andrea from work! She studies architecture and she is very curious about everything. So one day, she asked me about that plastic camera, and I decided she could be a nice lomographer. I lent her my LC-A+ loaded with a Fuji Provia 400X so she could easily handle any light situation.

Credits: qrro

1. How long has it been since you had shot a film roll?

This is my very first time, I’ve never used a film camera before!

Credits: qrro

2. How would you describe the experience in five words?
Intriguing, exciting! In every single moment, because you have no idea how the pictures are going to turn out.

Credits: qrro

3. Which picture, out of all you took, you like the best, and why?

The picture of the “bugambilias” with the sky as the background. I like how you can’t see where they start, it’s almost like they came out from the shadows, and the colors of the flowers and the sky…I just love it!

Credits: qrro

4. If you could teleport to any part of the world with this camera and lots of film, which would it be and why

I would go to Greece, definitely. The picturesque streets, the intense colors of the landscape, it’s just fascinating.

Credits: qrro

To see the other photos, check out the entire album!

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