Lomographer for a Day: Tell Me What You Shoot and I'll Tell You Who You Are


I lent my cameras to my best friends and turned them into “Lomographers for a Day”. Take a look what they’ve done!

When I first read about this ‘Lomographer for a Day’ idea I was thrilled. I’ve noticed all the time that my friends were really curious about my analogue cameras and about shooting film. Every time I took a camera out of my bag I could see the excitement in their eyes, they even tried shooting a couple of photos with my cameras. But I also noticed they are too lazy for the whole process. They like shooting photos and not knowing what will come out, they like the excitement it brings, but they don’t like to be bothered with choosing the right film or with developing. They say it takes too much time and they don’t like it.

That’s where I came into the scene. With fully loaded cameras they didn’t have any excuses. They just needed to shoot. But then, I started to question myself why I was so thrilled they’ll finally shoot film. I think I wanted to find out how my friends see this boring town where we all live. I thought I’ll see different perspectives about my home town, that I’ll see places of my home town I usually don’t see as good photo opportunities, that my friends will show me some secret spots of my hometown. But I was kind of wrong. In their photos I didn’t see my hometown; I saw their own personalities. 

Take a look at my best friend’s photos. She’s got a baby and a pug. Of course, her photos are full of them—you can’t get better models than a baby and a pug. They are her life, they fill her every second, her every thought, and of course, I should have expected she’ll mostly shoot them.

Than there’s my other best friend. She is a web developer and a graphic designer. She likes symmetry and patterns. And she likes cats.

And here are my brother’s photos. A future doctor, he is a minimalist with almost everything in his life and he’s a little bit of an OC.

Even if I didn’t know whose photos I have in front of me I would have guessed in a second just by looking at them. That is what I like about photography — you can put people in the same spot, but they will somehow always put their personality into their photos!

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