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2013-05-01 3

We at Lomography always have a special love from old Russian cameras. You can imagine how excited everybody got when we heard that we were able to bring back one of our and your all-time favourites: the Lubitel 166!

The body was re-cast using a duplication of the original mold. The gorgeous glass lens was meticulously rebuilt. The bright colors, bold contrast, and exceptional sharpness of the original coated glass Lubitel lens have all been faithfully reproduced in the new Lubitel+ lens. And a host of all new features were engineered into the camera, including the ability to shoot BOTH medium format and 35mm film.

But as you all know, a picture speaks a thousand words, so please enjoy this gallery featuring the best of Lubitel 166+ photos:

Credits: jennson, weidong, mafiosa, qrro, warning, makny, chippo & pan_dre

The Lubitel 166+ is a loving recreation of the Soviet-era classic. Based on a design that dates back over 60 years, this camera is updated with new features like the ability to shoot both 120 and 35mm film. Shoot mind-blowing images with the Lubitel 166+, available in our Online Shop.

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  1. mafiosa
    mafiosa ·

    Thank you for including some of my Lubitel photos in this wonderful collection!! Amazing photos by @jennson, @weidong, @qrro, @pasty, @warning, @makny, @chippo, and @pan_dre <3

  2. qrro
    qrro ·

    wow great collection !!! honored to be here!! thanks @pan_dre

  3. chippo
    chippo ·

    amazing shoots! really honored to be here sharing with a masters!

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