2009 The Year of the Lomo LC-A+! A Chance to Get Express Free Shipping to USA & EU

It’s time to reflect on the great year 2009 was, reminiscing all the events and happenings during the LC-A’s 25th birthday that Lomographers all over the world will never forget!

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Celebrate the LOMO LC-A’s 25th Birthday One Last Time!

This has been quite a year for our beloved Lomo LC-A camera. We’ve celebrated the 25th anniversary of the world’s greatest snapshot wonder-cam with parties across the globe, a Lomo LC-A+ race across 3 continents, and special edition Lomo LC-A+s that made us feel like it was love at first sight all over again. Now it’s time to reflect.

The Lomo LC-A+ took the spotlight this year and showed why it is the camera at the heart of Lomography. As Lomography has always been as much about sharing our stories as it has been about creative analogue photography, the Lomo LC-A Anniversary year more than anything reminded us of how much this little camera has affected the lives of Lomographers everywhere. From the early days of Lomography to today, when there are over a million Lomographers from every corner of the globe shooting and sharing their lives, the Lomo LC-A has been the camera that inspired us to Don’t Think, Just Shoot; a mantra Lomographers have always lived by.

As we start a new decade and a new era of analogue photography, we hope the Lomo LC-A+ continues to inspire you to capture the world around you on your own Lomographic adventure!

Lomo LC-A 25th Anniversary Microsite | Shop for Lomo LC-A+ | Find out more about the Lomo LC-A++

Our Community & Beloved Amigos Talk About the LOMO LC-A+!

We asked a few of the most active Lomo LC-A+ shooters to share a few photos and answer some questions about their own personal Lomographic experiences. Each day leading up to Christmas we’ll share one of these stories with you in the Lomography Magazine. We’ve also welcomed some incredible people into the ranks of Lomo Amigos this year, including Neil Gaiman, Elijah Wood, Amber Tamblyn, Jeremiah Edmond, Theo Volpatti, Danny Fernandez, and the one and only Stephan Kaps (aka mephisto19). Check out all of their amazing galleries and read how the Lomo LC-A+ has inspired them. Read more about Lomo Amigos.

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