My First Experience with Pinhole Photography

2013-05-03 1

As part of my 2013 bucket list, I’ve tried out doing a pinhole photography test roll last month. Here are my results.

The Jr. Scientist Kit Pinhole Camera

It was my first time to try out a pinhole camera. I got my pinhole camera from a local toy store, one of those DIY Gakkenflex clones. This one was included in a Jr. Scientist Kit for kids. The kit included all the parts of the camera plus a manual that teaches the basics of photography. The kit was very easy to set up. No tools needed — just slap on the parts to the main frame of the camera. Be sure to read the instructions though! The camera had two modes, you can switch out the front of the lens to make it shoot pinholes or shoot regular ’ol photos.

I used an expired ISO 200 Kodak film for this trial. I opted to use the pinhole attachment since I haven’t tried it before. For the time or duration of exposure, I decided to just do it by “feel” but still making sure I had longer exposure times for indoor/low light shots. I also used a mini tripod to help with the process.

Overall, I am fairly pleased with the results of my pinhole trial and would surely try it out again sometime!

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  1. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    I have one of these. Pretty fun.

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