Lomopedia: LOMO LC-A


Hailed as the historical camera that sparked the Lomography movement, the compact LOMO LC-A has fascinated generations of snapshooters from its birth in 1984 up to the present.

Produced by the LOMO PLC in St. Petersburg, Russia, the LOMO Kompact Automat (LC-A) remains one of the most iconic film cameras that enjoys cult status to this day. Modeled after the Japanese compact Cosina CX-1, it was developed using cheaper components, but its Minitar 1 glass lens was eventually given recognition for the slightly oversaturated powerful colours and the vignette it produces around the corners of a photograph. It went on mass production on June 19, 1984 with only 110 units produced per month.

Technical Specifications:

Cable Release Connection: No
Aperture: Fixed
Color: Black
Film Advance: Winder
Flash connection: Hot Shoe
Focusing: Zone Focusing
Focusing Distance: 0.8m – Infinity
Frame Counter: Auto Frame Counter
Material: Plastic
Tripod Mount: No
View Finder: Direct optical viewfinder

Credits: inotion, mephisto19, bccbarbosa, jeabzz & sirio174

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The Lomo LC-A is the camera that started the Lomography movement. With full controls and wide ISO range, this automatic gem is perfect for beginners and professionals alike. Get your own Refurbished LC-A in our Shop!

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