The Stunning Elqui Valley

2013-04-30 2

The Elqui Valley, one of the many beautiful sights of Chile, is a magical place full of contrasts, ideal for taking Lomographs!

Chile is a very long and narrow country. Here you can find diverse landscapes, some areas that are dry, others that are very humid, with deserts, forests, including Patagonia. Within this range of possibilities is the Elqui Valley in the Norte Chico region, some 1,500 meters above sea level.

This is desert region, but thanks to its geography, it was converted to become a perfect place for cultivating olives and grapes. This area is where the famous Chilian Pisco is produced in large quantities.

The landscape is full of contrasts: dry mountains covered in green from the vines. The sky is always blue, the clearest and cleanest sky in the world. So clear that the valley holds one of the most important astronomical observatories in the world.

Being so close to the stars, the place is full of mysticism, with cosmic energy. The mind and its people combined with the Elqui Valley make this an awesome lomolocation.

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