Is it a Bird? A Plane? No, it’s A Rubber Ducky!


Hong Kong is greeted by the 16.5-metre-tall Rubber Duck, created by Dutch artist, Florentijn Hofman. This adorable duckling will be residing at Ocean Terminal, Harbour City next week greeting Hong Kong locals with his grandeur and childhood innocence!

Image from U Magazine

“The Rubber Duck knows no frontiers, it doesn’t discriminate people and doesn’t have a political connotation. The friendly, floating Rubber Duck has healing properties: it can relieve mondial tensions as well as define them. The rubber duck is soft, friendly and suitable for all ages!” – Florentijn Hofman

Quack! Quack! This rubber ducky has travelled around the world from Sydney Australia, to Onimichi, Japan, warming the hearts of everyone he meets. Most recently, he’s landed in Hong Kong and will be showcased in the renowned Victoria Harbour in the first week of May!

Lucky for us, we can have a sneak peek of this charming childhood token from our lovely Community Lomographers! The photogenic little ducky will pose for anybody and anyone, but has been caught staring right at the Diana Multi-Pinhole Operator.

What do you think about our bubble-bath friend? Will you be at Victoria Harbour with your Pinhole Cameras or other Lomographer Cameras to honor your childhood confidante? We sure will!

Credits: bccbarbosa

If you spot us snapping away with our analogue beloveds, be sure to chat us up! We love meeting new Lomography Community members! This little ducky is only going to be here from May 2 to June 9. Be there or be square!

written by jasonskung on 2013-04-29 #news #art #pinhole #hong-kong #installation #rubber-duck #exhibitions #florentijn-hofman

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