Film Swap: Musical Obsessions

2013-05-02 3

If you are a big fan of music and photography, and want to make a little tribute to your idols, this is a way to mix this two big loves of your life: Make a music-based film-swap!

Dear lomographers! One of my biggest loves in life is music. I’ve always wondered about taking photographs of my favorite artists, in their garage’s essays, on their tours, etc. But it’s a little difficult to photograph some people, like the ones who are no longer with us (Whitney Houston, Layne Stanley, John Lennon, Jeff Buckey, Amy Winehouse, to name a few). This could not be possible, right?

In this sense, the double exposures or film swap give us such great possibilities. It’s so much better if you can find a lomofriend who has a musical affinity with you, who shares the desire to pay tribute to a musician through lomography and the possibility of double exposures. It’s easy to get photos of your favorite artist/band through the internet — just make a full-screen representation on the computer, and shoot!

I leave here some ideas/experiences about it!

Two Years of Natural Force Swap: With my dear lomofriend @coca we proposed to honor the great Argentinian musician Gustavo Cerati who has influenced many generations with his music. Cerati, who passed away in 2009 of a stroke, left us a lot of compositions, lyrics and songs as a legacy his music, to listen to at once and in other times. We take as photographic reference, images and videos of his singles, and lyrics of his latest albums.

Credits: gatokinetik-o

Swap Of Lights and Music_: This time, my friend @el_gomexgomex shows his vinyl collection, under the colorful cross-processed images of Fuji Velvia plus a light painting. In this case, we did not agree in a common theme. In fact, the topic was chosen for me by my partner. It was a mystery!

Credits: el_gomex

Walking Alamedas Swap: Since our days as friends in school, @doorman762003 and I had a band, and played songs of Elliott Smith on acoustic guitar. For this occasion, the idea was to mix images of the deceased singer with shots made ​​while I walked down the alameda of my city, listening and trying to interpret the lyrics of Alameda from his Either/Or album. It was a pleasant experience!

Photos of @doorman762003 and @gatokinetik-o

Now, what’s left for me to do is to thank those who wanted to collaborate in some way with my crazy, musical idea. It’s very entertaining, and serves to establish a theme that sometimes costs double exposures. If anyone else is encouraged, and wants to try, let me know!

What else to say?


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    Great works and article!!

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