LC-A Instant Back+: The Instant Joy from LC-A+

2013-05-01 1

I love Instax so much, and I love the Lomo effect from LC-A+ so much too. So I combine both my loves into one, that’s LC-A Instant!

Credits: guitarleo

I love instant photos so much, because I can get the photo result straight from my camera, and it’s only 1 copy! There will be no other same photo in this world. That is priceless.

Credits: guitarleo

I bought the LC-A Instant Back+ together with my LC-A+. I know both of them are the perfect combination. I just couldn’t wait to test them when I got it. The first thing that I loaded into my LC-A+ was not a roll of film; it is the LC-A Instant Back+! When I got the first Instax out from the LC-A Instant Back+, I just get “wow” after a few seconds. It was just like magic, slowly the image came to life. I got it and I love it.

Credits: guitarleo

LC-A Instant back+ just fully utilizes the feature from the LC-A+. For sure, I can use a wide angle lens on LC-A+ to snap Instax. I also can use splitzer on the LC-A+. The most special feature would be MX on LC-A+. It is so great that I can shoot multiple exposures on an Instax.

Credits: guitarleo

The instax from LC-A instant back+ has a black border around the image, for me, I think it is quite annoying. I hope that I find some way to get rid of it. When I use flash with LC-A Instant Back+, the object must be at least 1.5m away, or maybe more; or else the image will be overexposed.

Credits: guitarleo

The most important thing is always remember to put the lens converter in theLC-A+ when installed with the LC-A instant Back+, or else, all the image will be blurry. But I heard that the LC-A Instant can become a macro Instax without install the lens converter. Maybe I should try it in the future.

Credits: guitarleo

I am enjoying life with the LC-A Instant Back+, and I love this perfect combination.

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  1. guanatos
    guanatos ·

    I've got to try this accessory!

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