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For this installment of the “Show Your Stash” series, we’ve got Californian community member Randy Brown—also known as @adventuresinanalog—who tells us that less is more when it comes to lugging around analogue gear. Find out why the LC-A+ is his current go-to camera and check out his other film essentials right here!

Photo by adventuresinanalog

My everyday shoulder bag is not normally overloaded with photography gear but does contain items that I find essential during my daily travels. It’s something that gives me comfort and piece of mind. I love knowing that I can reach in and find just what I need when the moment calls. It goes with me whenever I head out of the house and is never too far out of reach when at home for the night.

Photography Gear

  • *LC-A+*
  • Sekonic TwinMate L-208 pocket light meter
  • Handcrafted leather film holders for 35mm or 120 film
  • 10 roll 35mm plastic film box
  • Moleskine photographers notebook
  • Handcrafted leather pen holder
  • Lumix GF2 Micro 4/3 digital camera
  • Eye-Fi SD Card
  • Back-up 4GB SD Card

Miscellaneous Objects

  • 4th Gen iPad & Lightning Cable
  • iPhone 4s & Dock Connector
  • 5th Gen iPod Nano
  • Nintendo DS Lite
  • Nintendo Multi Game Cartridge Holder
  • SkullCandy LowRider Headphones
  • Mophie Juice Pack Air
  • Pebble SmartStick Backup Battery & Cables
  • Dual USB Wall Charger
  • Car keys
  • Wallet
Photo by adventuresinanalog

Less Is More
Up until recently, I’ve kept at least 2 film cameras in my bag alongside a digital camera at all times, but I recently cut back to only one film camera at any given time. I’m finding it a more simple way to make it through the day. The LC-A+ is my newest film camera and has been my constant companion since it’s purchase. It’s a wonderful film camera and I love shooting with it. I own over 40 film cameras and they all find themselves in and out of my bag throughout the year.

Measure Twice, Shoot Once
Most of my film cameras are equipped with built-in light/exposure meters but as most are vintage, I find that the metering can be a bit off. Keeping a handheld light meter (the Sekonic TwinMate L-208) as part of my set-up ensures that I can take a second light reading if the situation calls for a more accurate measurement.

Buy Film, Not Megapixels
My film storage box holds 10 rolls of 35mm film and has kept me shooting throughout the longest of days. Although the container holds 10 rolls of film, I only stock it with 6 to 8 rolls of film – half B&W, half color. I picked up this cool accessory from Bellamy Hunt a.k.a. Japan Camera Hunter but you can also find them elsewhere on the internet.

Show More Skin
The creation of my leather film holders and pen case was inspired by Patrick Ng. Patrick is a master of all things calligraphy, stationary, sketching, photography, travel, and leather crafting. I made my leather film holders using a few simple leather crafting tools, old Rollei film canisters, and inexpensive leather. They clip to the side of my messenger bag (or any bag) and is a great way to keep my emergency stash of film nearby. The pen case holds a few different types of pens and keeps me from fishing around in the bottom of my bag looking for something to write with. I’ve also crafted a 4 film canister holder as well as a fancy dark slide holder for my Hasselblad 500CM.

Photo by adventuresinanalog

A Photographer’s Notebook
Actually it’s just a basic Moleskine notebook that I had sitting around wasting space. I’m now filling it with helpful hand-written notes, tips, scales, measurements, charts, tables, rules, and anything else I can think of that might be helpful when it comes to remembering photographic techniques. Some of the items were downloaded from the internet, printed to fit onto a page, then pasted in place. I’ve also added real photographic material like the backing paper from different brands of 120 film, actual sections of both 35mm and 120 film, tabs from the end of film boxes (used on my Hasselblad 500CM and Bronica ETRSi film backs) which I store in the Moleskine internal pocket. I don’t actually refer to my notebook all that much but it’s nice to have something handy to write in, jot down new ideas, tips from other photographers, discoveries I’ve made, and revelations that suddenly appear.

The Digital Twist
My Lumix GF2 digital camera still gets plenty of use even with me shooting mostly film on a daily basis. It’s equipped the GF2 with a 4GB Eye-Fi SD card which has a built-in wi-fi chip. Coupled with an Eye-Fi iPhone/iPad app, I can shoot in RAW+JPEG mode and automatically transfer the 10MB JPEG images directly to my iOS devices in real-time. Later I can edit, enhance, back-up, and share online, all while standing in the middle of nowhere. Now I know what you’re thinking: “How does my use of digital fit into my analog world?” Well, here’s how! I’ve used my wi-fi equipped Lumix GF2 to photograph instant prints from my Polaroid Land cameras, SX-70’s, and my latest instant camera, the Instax Mini 25. Once captured, the images are wirelessly transferred to my iPhone or iPad where I crop, save, and back-up to Dropbox before posting to my blog, Lomography or other social networks. I could use my iPhone’s built in camera but my GF2 captures a much better image. Once again, all of this allows me to share my analog images whenever I feel the need to.

Don’t Kill The Messenger
The bag itself is a vertical messenger/shoulder bag and can be found at Barnes & Noble for around $40. This is a recent change for me as I used to always use regular messenger bags or backpacks. I’ve found that I’m hauling around less stuff then I did a few years ago—dropping the DSLR for much smaller film cameras plus my micro 4/3 digital camera. Gone are the extra lenses, DSLR batteries, strobes, flash triggers, light modifiers and more. Also, my iPad replaced my laptop along with it’s big power cable. Sweet! The vertical bag fits my everyday needs perfectly. But not to worry, I picked up a brand new Timbuk2 “traditional looking” bag just to hold all my camera gear when heading out on day long photowalks.

Credits: adventuresinanalog

Thanks for showing us your stash, @adventuresinanalog!

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